Sunday, August 10, 2008

090808 ^_*

hari ini 090808. syg sy konvo.hee.(english campuran version)
i like this picture most coz it show he and m
e also his parent (yellow clothings) at back=) today is the second time im going to see his family,addition his makngah's family.
actly, krol and i already plan to meet after he already going out from dtc at 5pm. accidentally,his parent come to la pheewit stall n im there wif marini eating nasik lemak.
kindly,sy bersalam ng mak dan bertegur abah n engah( i call them mak and abah, cause i call my parent umi and abi).mak ask me to eat first and they wait for krol under the tree.
after finish my meal( xabes pn act), sy bersembang ng mak n abah while krol bergamba wif his fwens. ttbe mak ckp 'umu nt tunggu mak ngah dtg yea' n abah sampuk' derang park kereta kt fak engine' sy pn senyum kat marini. dipendekkan cerita, sy pn dtg ng makngah yg tunggu ktrg. yg pasti, sume org happy ng kjayaan syg. esp mak n abah. doa sy, smoga kjayaan yg tercipta hari ini, akan menjadi peransang utk syg lbih brjya t.mendapat kerja yg elok utk mse dpan yg baik=)
congrats my dear khairul akmal..luvv u..and pink butterflies are everywhere today~
i gv syg :
  • tafsir
  • pen ukir 'khairul& ummu'
  • 12 stalks of roses
  • kad
khairul akmal n ummu hanisyg yg dilambung we are in front of dtckwan2 yg dtg a.k.a pelambungcik mar yg setia meneman..tq ya marlein=)


.ain. said...

Waa~ bestnye kne lambung~!!

Glad u enjoy the day with the people dear to him~

Wish u guys all the best in the future~!! (^___^) and all the best in ur study too~!!

Anonymous said...

waaa..cik ummui dh ade blog..clap2..cepat linkkan blog sy..hehe..